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5 lugares para visitar en Yucatán ubicados a menos de 1 hora de Mérida
5 lugares para visitar en Yucatán ubicados a menos de 1 hora de Mérida
Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché September 09, 2019 Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché Admin

Yucatan is the best place to go on adventures with family and friends. Natural beauties, archeological sites, cultural sites, among others. The best is that these places are very close to the city of Merida and easy to get to.

Going to fascinating places where you can be in contact with nature and enjoy spectacular walks is closer than you think, no matter you are foreign or local in Merida. So get your backpack and attitude ready to ave live the best time ever. Discover five places where you can relax and enjoy the best experience less than one hour from Merida!!!

The cost: Progreso, Chelem and Chuburna

30 minutes from Merida you will fin done of the most known and important seaports in the state of Yucatan, Puerto Progreso. Just take the highway to Progreso and going straight in few minutes you will be welcome by the beach breeze.

Always inside the costal zone, you can enjoy other seaports with the same beauty, cooking richness and nice and friendly people which is a caractheristic in Yucatan. Chelem and Chuburna are seaports where you can enjoy the sun, the sea breeze and the opportunity to have fun with family or friends with all the beach entertainments.

Archeological sites: Dzibilchaltun

Yucatan is rich in archeological sites. It is the state with the major number of archeological discoveries. Ypu will know about Mayan history and culture in these archeological settlements that were once used as ceremonials centers. In our days they are national and international touristic attractions.

The archeological site Dzibilchaltun is 20 minutes fro Merida. You get there getting the highway Merida-Progreso. In this site you will be able to admire the astronomic phenomenon of spring equinox, which takes place the days March 19, 20, or 21 during the first hours of the day. Take advantage of this phenomenon to recharge with the spring energy!

Archeological site Mayapan

Mayapan is considered the last great capital of the Pos-clasical Mayan Culture. There are approximately 4,000 structures in an extensión of 4 km2. The main building is the Kukulcan Piramid with a height of 15 mts. It is a small copy of the piramid in Chichen Itza. You can see in some of these buildings mural paintings very well preserved.

Get the exit to the state highway number 18 to get Tecoh and from there to Telchaquillo to get Mayapan.

Cenotes and Lagoons El Corchito

Before getting Progreso going to the right on the highway to Chicxulub you will find a natural attraction of fresh water: El Cenote, this place has three “cenotes” and two waterholes the las tones perfect for refreshing and swiming with kids because they are not very deep. A very safe place for the Little ones.

El Venado is a wide and clean “cenote” with deeper wate and beautiful landscapes. Pajaros is a bigger “cenote” with an emerald green color that invites you to dive in refreshing fun. You can camp here and enjoy the freshness of the night.

Cenote Hacienda Mucuyche

You will have the best experience ever here. The historical richness, the natural beauty and the magic of the “cenotes” are the best ingredients for a wonderful adventure.

Take the guided tours through the Hacienda, which almost preserved its original structures and is considered the most representative of the “henequenera epoch” and enjoy the two beautiful cenotes wich will enchanted you with its beauty and majestic.

The first one a semi-open “cenote” called Carlota will receive you with its resh and clear wáter after the tour through the Hacienda. Then you will swim a canal which will fascinate you with its beautiful landscape and relaxing panorama. Next you will get the “cenote” Azul Maya a “cenote” in a cavern where since the first moment you dive into its wáter you will feel the mysticism and magic.

After the guided tour and to add more fun you can please your taste with the delicious and authentic food of Yucatan with handmade tirtillas in our restaurant.

You can also enjoy our bar-pool zone where your family and friends wil have a blast in a very safe place.

To get here take the exit to Timicuy y follow the highway to San Pedro Chi May. Tekit de Regil y Sotuta de Peon. Till you get the hacienda. You can use public transortation taking the “colectivo to Sacalum bording it at Parque San Juan in Merida. Tell the driver where you are going and agree on the return.

Now you are ready to live the best experience ever. Don´t lose time and jump into an adventure that will take to beautiful places and a lot of fun.


Visit a unique beauty of a nature wonder in the south of Yucatan in the municipality of Abalá, Yucatán.

Cenotes And Hacienda Mucuyche, a Paradise in Yucatán.
Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché September 09, 2019
Cenotes in Yucatan. What an adventure!!!
Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché September 09, 2019
Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché
Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché
Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché
Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché
Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché
Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyché
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