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Guided tours recreate the fantastic history of the Hacienda, bringing back the past of one of the most thriving farms in Yucatan during the henequen era. You will also swim in the magesty of the cenotes “Carlota” and “Azul Maya.”

LA HACIENDA (The farm)

The oldest record about the “Hacienda Mucuyché” dates back to the XVIIth Century. It belonged to the Peon family for a long period. Agriculture, livestock and the growing of henequen were some of the activities in the hacienda. When the henequen boom faded the farm stayed closed for a long time. At present days the “hacienda” has been preserved almost in its original state, with very few restorations.


It is half-open and with a depth of 7 meters. This cenote will welcome you with its crystalline water to refresh you after the tour through the hacienda. In 1865 Carlota, the Empress of Mexico, in her trip from Yucatan to Campeche spent the night in the hacienda and she was the first person to bath in the water of this cenote. That’s why it was named after her.


Wrap up in nature and live an experience in total harmony. If you want to go from one “cenote” to the other you have to go through a channel, swimming or walking the stoned road. In both ways you will enjoy tranquility, nature and the fresh wnviroment of the channel.


In our cenote Azul Maya you will feel the magesty of a cenote in a cave. The beauty is unique! Discover why Mayas considered this sites sacred.